Beekeeping Safety

Beekeeping Safety

Accredited First Aid has been sponsored by Flow™ to bring you general* information on Beekeeping safety and First Aid. The Flow™ Hive is a revolutionary beehive which allows beekeepers to harvest honey without opening the hive, making the process far less stressful for humans and for bees.

The topics covered in the Safety Pamphlet are:

1) Bee Stings

2) Burns and fire hazards from using a beekeeping smoker

3) Injuries from lifting and moving your hive Bee prepared, bee safe, and happy bee keeping!


*The information in the safety pamphlet by Accredited First Aid is general in nature and does not constitute advice or assumption of liability. It is an introduction to safety matters but is not exhaustive. We attempt to ensure the information is current but do not guarantee currency. Users remain entirely responsible for their own safety, and release the publishers and sponsors from liability to the maximum extent permitted by law. It is intended only for keepers of small apiaries in a non-commercial setting.